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cyanobase » Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803

Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803


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Data source name Synechocystis
Full name Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803 External on that plasmids... External
Taxonomy Lineage Bacteria; Cyanobacteria; Chroococcales; Synechocystis

Genome Information

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Name Size (bp) Genes
Synechocystis-chr-chr Chromosome 3,573,471 3,317
Synechocystis-psysm-psysm pSYSM 119,895 132
Synechocystis-psysx-psysx pSYSX 106,004 110
Synechocystis-psysa-psysa pSYSA 103,307 106
Synechocystis-psysg-psysg pSYSG 44,343 49
Synechocystis-pcc5.2-pcc5.2 pCC5.2 5,214 6
Synechocystis-pca2.4-pca2.4 pCA2.4 2,378 2
Synechocystis-pcb2.4-pcb2.4 pCB2.4 2,345 3
Total 3,956,957 3,725
Features FeaturesView : 97 features
insertion sequence97


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Tools and analysis

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KazusaMart Dataset Synechocystis

Genome-scale data

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Curated mutant information Genes and Mutants - as known as CyanoGenes/Mutants
Proteome Proteome Project (Cyano2Dbase) External
Interactome Protein-Protein Interaction (Sato2007) External PMID:18000013
Bibliome References from Kazusa GeneIndexing articles External


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References Bibliography of Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803 genome project Feed-icon
Gene Indexing Kazusa GeneIndexing articles External Feed-icon


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Data dowonload Distribution of Sequence and Annotated Data Files (FTP) External
Sequence data INSDB DNA DataBank FlatFiles External
Social genome annotation
DAS service
NCBI Taxonomy Taxonomy ID: 1148 External
KEGG GENOME syn External
UniProt taxonomy:1148 in UniProt External


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Genomes Chromosomes/Plasmids
Genes File format:
ColumnDescription or example
1Data source nameSynechocystis
3Chromosome nameChr
4Start position7229
5End position8311
6Orientation+ or -
7Definitionphotosystem II D1 protein
Protein sequences /cyanobase/Synechocystis/genes.faa -- AminoAcids sequence in Fasta format.
Nucleotide sequences
Gene symbols /cyanobase/Synechocystis/genes/search/dsn/gene_symbol.txt (File format)
GeneIndex gnames /cyanobase/Synechocystis/genes/search/dsn/gi_gname.txt (File format)
Gene function category File format:
ColumnDescription or example
1Gene IDsll0084
2Gene Deffinitionputative phosphatase
3First category IDA
4First category nameAmino acid biosynthesis
5Second category IDA1
6Second category nameAromatic amino acid family
Gene annotation word clouds /cyanobase/Synechocystis/genes/word_cloud.txt -- tab delimitered text format.
File format:
ColumnDescription or example
/cyanobase/Synechocystis/genes/word_cloud?style=plain -- Plain view in html
/cyanobase/Synechocystis/genes/word_cloud?c=10 -- 10 counts cut-off in html.
GO Terms by ipr2go /api/cyanobase/Synechocystis/genes/goterm.txt (File format)
InterProScan matches /api/cyanobase/Synechocystis/genes/interpro.txt (File format)

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