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Prochlorococcus marinus str. MIT 9215 (27 genes ) TXT SET

P9215_14021 Gene product Seryl-tRNA synthetase
Gene symbol serS
P9215_15831 Gene symbol serA
P9215_00141 Gene product Conserved domain frequently associated with peptide methionine sulfoxide reductase
P9215_00731 Gene product YGGT family, conserved hypothetical integral membrane protein
P9215_01051 Gene product possible serine protease
P9215_01111 Gene product serum resistance locus BrkB-like protein
P9215_01411 Gene product O-acetylserine (thiol)-lyase A
P9215_02821 Gene product Serine hydroxymethyltransferase (SHMT)
P9215_04831 Gene product O-acetylserine (thiol)-lyase A
P9215_06771 Gene product Homoserine kinase
P9215_07251 Gene product putative O-Acetyl homoserine sulfhydrylase
P9215_07261 Gene product putative homoserine O-succinyltransferase
P9215_tRNASerVIMSS1723362 Gene product tRNA-Ser
P9215_08151 Gene product Serine/threonine specific protein phosphatase
P9215_09521 Gene product possible Serine hydroxymethyltransferase
P9215_09671 Gene product Anti-sigma regulatory factor (Ser/Thr protein kinase)
P9215_09711 Gene product Serine-pyruvate aminotransferase/aspartate aminotransferase
P9215_tRNASerVIMSS1723395 Gene product tRNA-Ser
P9215_10091 Gene product Conserved protein/domain typically associated with flavoprotein oxygenase, DIM6/NTAB family
P9215_10861 Gene product conserved membrane protein, multidrug efflux associated
P9215_11761 Gene product conserved hpothetical protein
P9215_11861 Gene product Homoserine dehydrogenase
P9215_tRNASerVIMSS1723381 Gene product tRNA-Ser
P9215_17591 Gene product Trypsin-like serine protease
P9215_tRNASerVIMSS1723377 Gene product tRNA-Ser
P9215_18611 Gene product possible Conserved carboxylase domain
P9215_19121 Gene product Serine acetyltransferase

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Gene set by search TXT
ColumnDescription and example
1Data Source Namec.f. Synechocystis
2Gene IDc.f. slr1311
3Category nameone of gene_symbol, gi_gname, definition, function, goterm, interpro, blast_hits and 'Gene and Mutants'.
4DescriptionFree text
ColumnDescription and example
1Gene IDc.f. slr1311


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